Photo via Louise Fili Ltd.

Designers rejoice! Louise Fili’s Elegantissima has made a grand entrance into the world, complete with stunning type and years worth of design masterpieces from the legend herself.

I can never, ever forgive my parents for having the bad judgment to leave Italy and come to America. The final indignity was that I was born in New Jersey and had to spend the rest of my life getting as far away as possible from the Garden State. My first trip to Italy was a typographic and gastronomic epiphany: quite simply, everything looked, tasted, and sounded better in Italian.

Louise Fili, in a conversation about her new book

Two things from today:
01: We’re moving 

20×200 HQ is relocating from Midtown to a sweetly sweet new office in Soho / Downtown! I’ve been dealing with lots of boxes and bubble wrap this week as we prepare the dozens and dozens of framed artworks that decorate the office for safe landing at their new home.
02: The Armory Show

A kind co-worker passed along a ticket to the preview (“vernissage”) of The Armory Show at Piers 92 & 94, which opens tomorrow. Accompanied by Adam, I got to take in some interesting work as well as do plenty of people watching (the people are just as interesting as the art)! So much is happening in the art world…