It takes all of this technology to come up here and understand the simplicity of things. From here, it’s really difficult to understand borders, wars and hate.

French astronaut Thomas Pesquet reflecting on his time in space.
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What is life? Why?

Where do we go when we die? Heaven? Explain. Another planet? Is Heaven another planet?

Why is there Heaven or Hell? Time? Why? Explain. Do we make worlds? Do we become like God? Why?

Why do you do what you do? How do you know what’s true? Who do you miss? Why? Explain. Do you miss anyone more than them, and does that change and how? And if that changes, was it worth missing them in the first place?

Why any of this?

From Act Three “Rosie’s Paradox” of This American Life Episode “Fermi’s Paradox”

It is my goal to fight for the best interest of the people. I cannot in good conscience support a project with an economic model based on luxury condominiums. It’s a non-starter, it’s not a deal, we’re not moving forward. My community deserves better.

Crown Heights, Brooklyn Councilwoman Laurie Cumbo denouncing a plan to develop the 100-plus-year-old Bedford-Union Armory in Crown Heights into a mixed used luxury development. 

via Gothamist and Curbed NY