“After the president’s reality show ended last night, while the nation nervously watched the chaos that engulfs us, President Trump probably laid in bed pleased with himself for descending another rung on the dictatorial ladder.” 

Senator Chuck Schumer condemning President Trump for his response to protests around the country and in the capital, after peaceful demonstrators were gassed in front of the White House so Trump could pose for a photograph with a Bible.

Minneapolis, MN — Victor J. Blue for The New York Times
Miami, FL — Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images
Dallas, TX — Vernon Bryant/The Dallas Morning News
Manhattan, NY — Gabriela Bhaskar for The New York Times
Brooklyn, NY — Chang W. Lee/The New York Times
Omaha, NE — Anna Reed/Omaha World-Herald
Kansas City, MO — Tammy Ljungblad/The Kansas City Star
Tucson, AZ — Josh Galemore/Arizona Daily Star
Columbia, SC — Sam Wolfe/Reuters
New Orleans, LA — Jonathan Bachman/Reuters
St. Louis — Michael B. Thomas/Getty Images
Columbus, Ohio — Matthew Hatcher/Getty Images
Los Angeles, CA — Bryan Denton for The New York Times
Philadelphia, PA — Tyger Williams/The Philadelphia Inquirer