From NYT article White House Proposes Slashing Tax Rates, Significantly Aiding Wealthy:

Democrats rejected what they described as magical thinking behind the plan and condemned it as a giveaway to the rich masquerading as a tax overhaul.

Senator Ron Wyden of Oregon, the ranking Democrat on the Finance Committee:

This is an unprincipled tax plan that will result in cuts for the 1 percent, conflicts for the president, crippling debt for America and crumbs for the working people. Instead of providing a real tax reform plan as promised, this administration is offering cakes to the fortunate few.


David and I finally had a meal at Minetta Tavern in Greenwich Village. I’ve been wanting to go for years (after seeing some very rude pictures of their Minetta Burger).

The interior felt like a slice of time. From their website:

“Minetta Tavern was opened in Greenwich Village in 1937. The Tavern was named after the Minetta Brook, which ran southwest from 23rd Street to the Hudson River.

Over the course of its long history, the Tavern was frequented by various layabouts and hangers-on including Ernest Hemingway, Ezra Pound, Eugene O’Neill, E. E. Cummings, Dylan Thomas, and Joe Gould, as well as by various writers, poets, and pugilists.”

10/10 would eat again.