This is the first time in — as long as I can remember (come to think of it, EVER) that I’ve spent Thanksgiving away from my family. I had an opportunity to go with friends to Connecticut for a few days, but I decided that since this is my first Thanksgiving in New York, I’d like to spend it in New York City. 

New York has really come alive, particularly over the past week, with holiday glow. I can only imagine how spectacular the holiday season in the city will be (first time for that, too), and I’m so excited to see the city transform with lights, ornaments and decorations. This city’s energy is magnificent and it’s amazing to be a part of it.
Here was my today —
1 + 2  / Morning walk to Barclays Center and coffee
3 + 4  /  Through sunshine and brownstones
5  /  Dressing rooms
6  / Evening at Strand, with miles and miles of books
7  / Commute home via Canal Street Station
8  / Making grandma’s/mom’s “Supreme Salad” — a holiday staple — for Thanksgiving dinner tomorrow
• • • • •
Enjoy the day with your families (I sure miss mine)!

Ramen Noodles

A GIRL CAME THROUGH MY LINE TONIGHT with a stack of Ramen noodles.

Ramen noodles! I thought, “Now there’s something I haven’t had since Clinton was in office!”

I recalled the days when the circumference of our lazy susan was chockablock with Ramen, Campbell’s soup and Kraft Mac ‘n Cheese—”The Cheesiest”—in an assortment of pasta shapes.
I glanced at the price. THIRTY-THREE CENTS?! Thirty-three cents for that pack of Ramen delight, boy-oh-boy do I know what I’m having for dinner…

I punched out and bought a pack. It was “Oriental” flavored, the only flavor my mom used to buy, the only flavor of Ramen I’ve ever known.
I microwaved it for five minutes. I ever-so-carefully strained the dish to just the right water/noodle ratio, then delicately dusted the cuisine with the packet of fine “Oriental” spices the folks at Maruchan so kindly provided with my noodles.
And I ate those suckers, somewhat barbarically. I had to taste it again.
They were, probably, one of the 200 best meals I’ve had since Clinton was in office.