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Flowers by D. Callahan

Years ago I moved into a random Brooklyn Craigslist apartment with three strangers. Before I got to know any of them, I could often hear through a paper-thin shared bedroom wall the sound of a spoon scraping a bowl — what I gathered was someone eating ice cream in bed.

Eventually I got to know the person on the other side of the wall. In a city of millions, and through the most fortuitous series of events, she became my best friend — a concert-going, good time having, dance floor dominating, seriously smart, badass lady. Life works in strange ways, and of all the people I’ve crossed paths with — I’m forever grateful this woman is one of them.

Happy birthday to my partner in curls, Mignon! You are the coolest.

Big love to this lady, the wiser, more valiant version of myself, whose dance moves I can’t cut and whose style is unparalleled.
Happy birthday, kid! I thank Craigslist every day for bringing us together to be perpetually mistaken for sisters.