AFTER WRITING THE LAST POST, I looked to my left to see my most beautiful best friend lingering toward me in the library! She came from Grand Forks to visit for a day or two and COMPLETELY BRIGHTENED MY DAY! A total surprise! I feel so refreshed!

Naturally, we got coffee and spoke of wonderful things. Since graduating this past winter she’s been my motivation (now that she’s not under any stress to complete of that so-called “homework” business that we college folk are shackled to). I would write about Holly every day if I could if it weren’t slightly obsessive and/or creepy!
Also, I must mention my App of the Day! It’s AutoStitch, a camera app that allows you to merge photos into beautiful, nearly seamless panoramas. I’m a huge fan. Here’s an example of an AutoStitch panorama of my room (not the best, as C informed me, then casually suggested I take one of his iPhone photography classes):

Pretty cool, right? Life feels exciting right now.
Back to work…

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Of course you do…I talk about her nonstop because she’s my best friend! Holly picked me up from the airport when I got back from San Francisco a few weeks ago and we took these fun photos, ate pizza and had a sleepover. I was sad about leaving California, and found her presence to be so very comforting.
Holly is swinging through my town tomorrow and I get to have a dinner date with her! How lovely, I can’t wait. She’s going to stay with me, too, which will be a nice way to take my mind off the stresses of school and work!