I recently received one of these beautiful New York Metro metal cuffs as a gift from a very wonderful visitor. You can find a similar version here, and always find your way around NYC (even when you’re not in NYC).

Resurrected Jewelry

I haven’t worn any of these bracelets in years—but today I decided to wear all of them at once! Each bracelet has a little story…
( L ) Made of rolled magazine pages, a gift from my friend Rachel. I love paper jewelry and hope to find time to make my own someday!

( ML ) Turquoise beads…I bought it at American Eagle when I was probably a freshman in high school (seven years ago?). I think this chunky turquoise bracelet is fun, too!
( MR ) Wood and glass beads from my godmother, Laurie. I believe it’s from Bibelot, and I love this colorful bracelet on their site as well.
( R ) My favorite, a typewriter key bracelet, a gift from my mom (like this one from Uncommon Goods)
It’s time I resurrect more of my jewelry! I have so much of it that I neglect too often…
On another note, weekend time with Holly was glorious! Dinner, wine, and plenty of girl time. I painted my nails for the first time in about 14 years.
Today I’m enjoying a RARE Saturday OFF (I have no idea how this happened?) by scavenging Hulu (I’ve been watching Parks and Recreation all morning…highly recommend) and now going to lunch with my sister.
Happy Saturday!