Something special about this: I had intended to spend the afternoon shopping in Brooklyn. Two train stops into my ride to the store, I spontaneously decided to keep riding the train. And instead of what was, in my mind, a quick errand to buy some pillows turned into a renewal of a love for New York. Because walking through Central Park on an idyllic fall day makes you feel, and feeling so happy you could live here for a while, so happy you could cry, so happy you’re about to cry over the man under the bridge playing an acoustic rendition of Duran Duran’s “Hungry Like the Wolf.”

Earlier on, when I was new(er) to New York, I found this area to be one of the most incredible spots. On the patch of Wall Street directly outside the New York Stock Exchange and in front of Trinity Church, there is consistent and beautiful light.

During recent visits to this area I was surprised to still find it equally as tranquil; through throngs of Chinese tourists, cameras, food carts. It’s loud, but somehow stifled still. Last week I witnessed tourists eating hot dogs for breakfast. It’s always just beauty to me.

(I took this photo two years ago, of the windows of the NYSE. Still some of the most gorgeous windows in New York, in my opinion.)