SFAM Wednesday

via Garance Doré, another awesome fashion blog!

This week’s Sister From Another Mister is Odine, a classy lady I found through Garance Doré’s blog (girlfriend of The Sartorialist) This woman is amazing for many reasons aside from her curls (which is a given): She’s rocking about seven colors (one of them being a PASTEL pant…I mean, that takes grace if you’re under 65) and still looks so darn pulled together. She’s effortlessly walks the fine line between looking like she walked out of the ’80s, and being supa-stylish. I have a pair of glasses like hers — they were my mom’s in the ’80s, I think. I look like a fool in them. She looks elusive and brilliant.

I think I love this woman so much because she has the long curly hair that I always wanted, but could never grow (my hair only grows in width, not in length) and her palette says “It’s cool, I’m loud and classy,” instead of “Your older sister had a Caboodle that matches my outfit.” Well-played, SFAM.