Don’t wait for perfect. So many people need everything mapped out in their head before beginning something… 
You learn by doing. Just begin, work hard, and figure it out as you go.
— Brandon Stanton, Humans of New York

Beach day — amazing to be in the sun, to take it slow, to feel warm, to taste saltwater, to be pummeled by waves, to swim as far as possible, to have sand stuck to skin and skin stuck to a soggy towel.

Beautiful day of life.

the jubilation that is…the last day of my summer!

I don’t map my days out very well. I actually don’t really think about what I’ll be doing until my alarm goes off and I think, “I have nothing on my agenda today. Splendid.”

Today was one of those days, I decided (contrary to yesterday’s suggestion that today would be hectic). I did little to nothing of importance and it was beautiful.


Goodbye, free time. Goodbye, summer. Goodbye.