We’ve capsized rafts and commanded canoes, pulled hair and shared clothes, rooms, bunk beds, cars, colleges. I’ll never be able to catch you (you got the long-legged genes), but dangit, I’ll be cheering for you, always.

To my sister and friend — lighthearted, kind, beautiful — whom I am fortunate to have been side by side with in life and have shared more memories, laughs, tears and growing pains with than anyone I know; you amaze me.

Happiest day, Heidi Beth! Very lucky to have you as a big, little sister.

Miss Heidi Comes to Town

My sister Heidi came to visit me for nearly a week — I showed her about the city as best I could!
My favorite day we spent together was at Rockaway Beach. We laid our sheet too close to the water, and eventually the tide washed us out. It was comical to wash off the sand, wring out the water, and attempt to air dry the sheet before we headed back home (Heidi told me I would never survive in the wild.)