Well, here I am. Alas, a clean slate!

A best friend once enlightened me with this quote by Albert Einstein:
“Great spirits will always have violent opposition from mediocre minds.”

This stands as a reminder to take every bit of negativity as a grain of salt, keep my head up, and march forward each day with the dreams and positivity that I deserve to live.

And so, new beginnings are upon me and I am destined to be born into a new life, one that I’ve sought for a while now.

Life is and will continue to be wonderful, if I can only keep on believing.

Welcome to my new blog, friends.

Fresh beginnings,

One thought on “Cleansed

  1. when einstein was just a young man he was at a lecture by a leading physicist of the day and the man said that they were pretty much wrapping up all of the theory that there was to physics and that in a few years there would be nothing left to learn in the field but, einstein persevered and because of him the realm of physics has had some of its greatest breakthroughs ever. So, basically jenny, just never give up there is always something new out there, something to explore, something to touch, to feel, and to see. As you always tell me just keep on keepin’ on.

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