One of my best friends in the entire world wrote this for me – and it makes me so very warm on the inside.

“Fro-file” By Holly D. Lavecchia

Fall, 2006, the second day of classes, a freshmen with lots of brown curly hair clumsily dropped her whole tray of half-eaten breakfast whosits and whatsits in front of a dining hall full of fresh-from-practice football players. Their laughter was so uproarious that the Nelson resident, adorned in her best back-to-school attire, recently separated from her wisdom teeth, became so pink and embarrassed that she refused to reenter the establishment to receive edible sustenance for a week. A year and a half ago, this girl was Jenny Marie Christen.

Jenny Christen was born on February 10th, at precisely 3:56 a.m., Ms. Christen of Glacial Point Drive, Minot, North Dakota, contributes her inability to fall asleep before three in the morning to this single, important moment of her life: birth. 

Jenny C. or JennaRoo as called by those closest to her has a Sheltie named Willow, and a best friend named Macbook Pro . . . Just kidding her computer’s name is Schroeder. She grew up on top of a hill among an abnormally large amount of siblings. Five Christen children: Two older and two younger. It was not until one particular episode of Oprah, that Jenny was made aware of how responsible growing up amidst two brothers and two sisters were, for her state of being. Oprah and her many, well-dressed experts refer to this as, “the middle child syndrome.” 

Apparently, Jenny Marie developed the majority of her quirky personality as a result of being raised along with Ryan, Kaci, Heidi, and Tyler (in descending order). The effects of this syndrome can be as subtle as mild quirks. Such as, her fondness for ice cream, and metallic, shiny objects, the need for quiet and order, and simultaneously, sprawling clutter. Or as Outlandish traits as asking people to do crazy things just to see if they actually will, like persuading them to drink milk from a paper bowl, under the guise that she has no bottled water, nor cups to pour it into. 

Oprah claims that Jenny’s affinity for thrift-store finds, especially old, green, plates, and her large shoe collection can also be attributed to the fact that she might have had to volley for her parents’ attention more than an only child would have. Also, her many, colorful scarves and the phenomenon known as “the mirror face.” Everyone has a certain expression while primping in front of a mirror – Jenny’s is especially amusing. Jenny enjoys words and photography, and just switched her major from graphic design to photo journalism. 

It is unknown if the Kise breakfast incident of August 27th, 2006 was a cause or effect of her consequential, magnetic personality. But everyone who knows her, loves her, for the many details I have listed, and millions more, but most importantly for her soft-spoken compassion, eccentric sense of humor and ability to laugh at the drop of a hat. And also for her hair. 

This girl brightens my days to the extent that I don’t know how to live without her.

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