Right up there with sliced bread…

DURING A RECENT TRIP TO THE LOCAL TARGET, I dished out $54 on necessary toiletries. I’m very particular about my products. I’m the lady you see at the store in the hair product/facial cleanser/body wash aisles, sampling and spraying, sniffing and testing for hours until I’ve finally found a suitable commodity.

On this particular shopping adventure, I even went to the lengths of purchasing a loofah. I don’t know your feelings about these things, but until I purchased one they always seemed like another thing the world could do without, like reality shows, war, and reduced fat Oreos. It seems like everyone and their cat has 18 loofahs lying around from various holiday gift exchanges, the loofah fairy paying visits every so often and leaving loofahs under children’s pillows, or even the dreaded loofahnami (similar to a tsunami) that yields such disastrous effects as wiping out entire communities with – you guessed it – loofahs.

[Please take this time to scour your house for any loofahs that may have accumulated over the years in order that my point be proved and I won’t seem like such a nut job right now.]

Back to my purchase. So I took this B.A. (a term that I have coined from my residents, also convenient since I gave up swearing) loofah for a test drive in the shower this morning, and my! I’ve never gotten so many kicks from a $1.49 piece of fluff. It’s one of those things that you don’t know how you lived without for 20 years (this also applies to pints of Häagen-Dazs and Andy Rennich).

To take it down a notch, I’m reading a book right now – yes, a book! It’s called The Perks of Being A Wallflower, and you can probably guess that it attests to my current screen names. Truth be told, I am a wallflower (sometimes I feel like wallpaper even). I finished chapter one last night before going to sleep, and the very last line couldn’t have been more perfect:

“and at that moment, I swear we were infinite.”

I don’t know about you, but there are several particular times in my life that I have felt infinite. They come, far and few, and almost as soon as they come, they are gone. They can be anything from a kiss, to winning a tennis match, to riding around with nine girls in your car, to giving a speech at graduation, to wearing your favorite shoes. Infinite is a difficult word to grasp, but when you have the feeling, you know. You just know.

I could sit and ponder for the right words to describe the most pivotal infinite moments in my life, but none could ever elucidate those times. How could I ever describe the view from the top of the Sears Tower, or late nights looking at the stars from the golf course? Where do I even begin to explain the feelings sustained from New York City, or driving through the night on a secret escapade? How would you ever understand ten girls screaming the Bloodhound Gang at the top of their lungs without experiencing it first (Caution: this is not for the weak of heart)?

Someday I’ll have this life to look back on, this quiet, eclectic, and semi-charming life that I lead, and I’ll realize that it’s not so bad after all.


Now go acquire a loofah, and be amazed.

Loofahnami + infinity,

One thought on “Right up there with sliced bread…

  1. 1) I read that book, it was happily tragic.2) I once counted and I have 5, yest 5, loofahs at my house in Bis. I seem to accumulate them much as one accumulates collectible items. Let’s start a Loofah collection! (just kidding) Kind of.peace-t

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