Funny little frog

The day, though nothing extraordinary, was slightly competent.
Sometimes I wonder how strange I look. I wish I could only see myself, sitting as the lone ranger on a bench, completely absorbed in my mammoth taco salad and heedless of the life going on around me. Or at the gym, approaching mile three on the treadmill in a deep sweat, trying to lift 40 pounds as others around me lift ten fold of my weight. Scurrying in a breakneck fashion to a class that technically, I should have left for ten minutes ago. Sitting at this computer, my face three centimeters from the screen, mouth dangling open – wearing my ridiculous hat.
If I could only, if I could just see myself.
I’d bet I would laugh. 
In other news, I joined forces tonight with throngs of fanatical voters in my first ever Precinct Caucus*. Whoa! Cool.
And who could forget an always satisfying trip to the local Starbucks, where there was much laughter, strategizing, sampling of the new “Skinny Latte” [!], and making plans to someday be a big deal.
(nutshell) my day (nutshell).
there you have it.
Caucusing since 2008,
*Warning: If you do not enjoy watching paint dry or listening to bird calls, do not open this link. It will bore the hell out of you.

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