Baby steps.

You know what was really magnificent about today?

I grabbed a copy of the school newspaper, The Advocate, and after half-heartedly skimming the front page, tossed the paper open to reveal…

…my very first published photograph. Right there, on top of page two.

And underneath, it read: JENNY CHRISTEN / THE ADVOCATE.

At that moment I didn’t really care that it was 20 below outside, or that I’d lost every single document that I’d created this semester on my brand new flash drive that I mistakingly left in the library.

None of it mattered. I had a picture right there, in black and white with my name under it, and all at once, everything was more than fine. My best friend and I went to the Olive Garden in commemoration and ate a big, fat piece of raspberry cheesecake.

Not to mention, I put a down payment on my apartment for next year! Hooray! More celebration ensued.

I think it’s going to hit me tomorrow that my flash drive is gone. Yuck. End of celebration, back to reality.

Happy trails,

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