Liberty, Productivity

Welp. Here goes nothing – a day of production in the loving arms of the library, chained to a seat with nary a sign of food nor companionship.

There’s a thermostat behind me that I’m unable to adjust. It’s killing me because I didn’t wear socks today and I’m freezing my hiney off. Smooth.

I downed one paper already, high five for that. There are about a million things that I could and would rather be doing right now, first on the list laying in bed stuffing my face with cereal while watching the History Channel. That seems to be my favorite activity as of late. In addition to that, I wouldn’t mind cleaning my room, for the state of cleanliness that my room is in oft has a direct connection to my frame of mind and today, I’d like pure intellect.

I traveled the state this weekend and saw my family – a relief of sorts. There are few, if any other things that can make me such as happy in the particular way that my family does. My mother bought me shoes and Godiva chocolate, while Father gave me a comforting pat on the back and 3/4 hug. That’s how we show one another affection, but it’s completely understood.

Alas, blueberry pancakes at 2am cap off a Saturday night/Sunday morn, best friends sharing a booth and recalling the days when they inhabited a dorm room in the shape of a slice of pie.

In closing, a quote stamped on a magnet I bought yesterday:

This essentially sums up a lot about me, I believe.

Good’ay –

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