"Two Thumbs Up" Sunday

Apple’s Genius feature 

Why do I love Genius? Like the Segway or Oops I Crapped My Pants, it’s just another thing that encourages laziness. 
It was about time they invented something like this to put together a playlist. With my Brobdingnagian collection of tasteless and refined music (my iTunes library is proof that Aqua, Ludacris, and Beethoven DO have a place together), I was getting a little exhausted. I mean, I had to set aside an entire day to make a playlist for a long car ride. Genius lets me choose one song, then finds other songs like it. So if I want to listen to, say, Aqua—Genius will say, “Cool, you want to listen to more songs from NOW 3!!” and get me some Cherry Poppin’ Daddies  and Marcy Playground.
It’s, well…genius. 

I could drink POM Tea every day. If Keystone Light was substituted for POM Tea in a game of “Tippy Cup” or “Beer Pong,” I would play. If POM Tea came from my faucets, I may very well shower more frequently. And if POM Tea were single…I would date it. It’s that good.

Rick Steves

I met Rick Steves this past month. Not literally met him, but we’ve been traveling through his books Best of Europe 2009 and Mona Winks together. Rick has been telling me how to survive in Europe, and he has the know-how about everything down to how many pairs of underwear to pack. This man knows his stuff. I wish I had a little Rick Steves to put in my pocket. Is that creepy?
Getting On Your Boots, Boots

I’ve read a lot of negative feedback on U2’s new single ‘Get On Your Boots.’ Sure, it’s no Joshua Tree, etc. But I admire that they are marching forward and changing it up a little. And coming from a lady that wears boots 8/7 days of the week, this is one song you can find me J-A-M-M-I-N-G out to in my car at a red light. I know you’re looking at me, and I really don’t mind. Hey hey hey! OOOOO TUUU ‘s new album, No Line on the Horizon, hits shelves 03 March. Oooo!


When I was approximately 16 years old, my mom bought me a big, fuzzy, ugly bathrobe for my birthday. I was not amused, and looked upon the gift receipt as my golden ticket to return the glorified towelcoat. “Bathrobes, psh.” I said, then turned my nose up at the creature.
But before I could take it back to it’s home in the Women’s department at Herbergers (where it clearly was philandering and running a drug circle) I decided to give the robe one chance.
Have you seen Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat? Joseph puts on this psychedelic half coat/half rainbow double-breasted, shoulder-padded safari/dinner/bomber jacket concoction and immediately has this awesome aura surrounding him. 
I don’t know what happened, but that one time I stepped out of the shower and put that robe on, I tell you, my whole world changed. I was Joseph, and my fuzzy bath wrapper was my dreamcoat. Towel coats are like crack!
If you don’t have robe, I suggest you invest in one. It will blow your mind, and you’ll feel exceedingly important for the 8 minutes a day (or for me, 8 hours) that you wear it. I know I do.

Snail Mail

Everyone and their mom (but mostly just my mom) knows how much I love sending and receiving mail the good ole fashioned way. I’m not talking about e-mail (which has weirdly been kinda/sorta around since 1965 when supercomputers took up 6 cubic miles of space) or teleporting (which comes in a close second). No, I love me some good mail delivered by the handsome fellas and gentlewomen at the U.S. Postal Service. Delivery by horseback messenger is wonderful, too.
This concludes “Two Thumbs Up” Sunday. Stay tuned for “Two Thumbs Down” (day pending)!

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