TO SAY THAT I’VE NOT BEEN DOING MY SHARE of writing lately is an understatement. I’m seriously slacking. The good news is, things are really wonderful; the bad news is, it’s almost time to move on.

Over the past few weeks I’ve been trying to uncover more layers of the city. I’ve cut back quite a bit on the walking—I was taking the same paths each day—and have taken to public transit. I’m comfortable connecting from bus to bus (I’d never really ridden a bus before I came here) and getting around. Life has been more than fair, and there is no lack of excitement. I like the city more each day, it seems, and am convinced I’ll return someday in the future.

As for my last week in San Francisco, I’m hoping for relaxation—a last hurrah before getting back to school…

Take care and be well—

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