A baby snippet of October’s Midwestern Mayhem

WAY BACK AT THE BEGINNING OF OCTOBER, a Californian (Californianite?) came for his first ever visit to the Midwest. Being the born + raised Midwesterner that I am, I couldn’t bear the thought of him leaving my home state thinking it looked like the barren inside of a Dustbuster. So I promised him buffalo, a plethora of Walmart (along with low, low prices) wide open spaces, good land and Badlands. I never promised sunshine, but the entire week he was here it was borderline 70’s. Marvelous.

Californian and I swept the entire state, from east to west, north and south. We stopped at many convenience stores as well as skeevy hotels. We wore bandanas where bandanas were necessary (think Medora) and there is not a millimeter of land, sky, or sediment that Californian’s iPhone camera didn’t document in some form of media or another. (A good thing, as both my cameras died on Day One.) We found everything I’d promised, along with several things I didn’t: lackluster fast food stops and a gregarious gaggle of prairie dogs in their interconnected burrows. If it had to be labeled, our journey fall under the category of big, lush SUCCESS.
I was recently sent a few samples of the journey by said Californian, who along with missing the Midwest terribly, will never, ever eat at a Pizza Hut again (or at least not for another 15 years).

Somewhere there are 19,248 more that I have yet to see (and likely never will)!

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