Early Risings

TODAY IS OFF TO A GREAT START—I spent the morning at my clients’ apartment helping them get ready for work. As much as I admit to not being a morning person, I very much enjoy being a part of their routine. They add the jet pack I need to boost my day!
I grabbed coffee after my shift, and it was only 9am. Nine! And to think of everything I’d already accomplished. Normally before nine I sleep and sometimes get myself ready for the day. When I got home I felt motivated to do the things I helped with earlier in the morning: Make my bed, put my clothes away, eat a healthy breakfast, and be thankful for my wellness.
Now at the library, I’m giddy about the discovery of a landmine of design books on the “New Books” shelf. I checked out three and I’m looking forward to devouring them when I get off work tonight…
The books I checked out…

& a lovely day to all —

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