Ta-da! It’s Adventures in Ohio!

I’m back from a fabulous weekend in Ohio! Here’s a peek at my journey…

Heidi making her way through the Minneapolis airport

Skies over Minnesota as we took off

• • • 

Kacy & Matt have a really cool house! 

Living room ( 1 )

Living room ( 2 )

Heidi lounging…of course

Bedroom…straight from a magazine!

Kacy & Matt win a cute couple award

Mom let her hair down and drank a lot of iced tea!

The ladies got pedicures. My toes are now neon pink!

Poppy is the sweetest dawg around!

We visited a lovely  neighborhood garden

Ladies Christen!

Detroit airport psychedelic tunnel! On the way home.

Minneapolis airport waiting for flight to Fargo.

• • • 

I have more photos that I will possibly put on in the near future! Until then…I’m wiped from the flying today! Take care, be well!

2 thoughts on “Ta-da! It’s Adventures in Ohio!

  1. mooooooooooooooore phooooooootos! you make our house (and dawg) look so good…. wish you could do the same with my pregnant self. :/ these photos made me decide cletus is going to be an only child!

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