Yesterday was a day I’ve been waiting a looooooong time for: the Project Runway Season 9 premiere! I was getting really antsy to see the new crop of contestants and pick out new favorites (though it will be near impossible to top Season 8 contestant Mondo in my mind). The opener introduced twenty designers from across the country and quickly told five to pack their bags.
So, the original crew:
And where we now stand:
• • •
I’m going to pick premature favorites as Anya (from Trinidad and Tobago) who at the time of the competition had a mere four months of sewing experience; and Bert, the OTA designer who pulled out a challenge win last night using his boxer shorts to make a chic dress. I’m hoping that Julie will step it up a notch from being in the bottom three and making ill-fitting snowboarding pants, as her portfolio was one of the more interesting. These favorites are subject to change next week!
As for Rafael’s elimination, I believe he was deserving of it — after all, anyone who won’t take off their headscarf for the sake of winning a challenge (because he didn’t want the world to see his hot mess hair), then taking it off and making a bib out of it, doesn’t have what it takes to “make it work.”
End commentary. Click on the designer photos to visit the Lifetime Project Runway page, watch this season and follow along with me! I love fellow fans.

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