the lowdown, down low

I won’t lie — today was tough. There was nothing particularly tough about it, but I couldn’t quite feel okay. Blame it on the disorientation of a new home, the piles upon stacks of items I have no place for in my room, and homework that I couldn’t find time to complete. About had a meltdown over I-Don’t-Know, but managed to keep it together. I just had a mediocre day.

Self-pity aside, I have some great roommates (four of them!). There is also a friendly dog in the house that has taken to me…

A friendly dog, brought to you by Instagram

…and the shower works better than my last place. I am learning the art of downsizing, and over the course of the past few weeks have given, given, given away like crazy — something that makes me feel so good. Less is more.

Finally, my sister Kacy (and her husband Matt) is due to have her first baby any moment now (and my first nephew!) and I am getting extremely antsy!

And finally finally, here are a few things I found quite neat:

01. Freecycle
B. These numbers from the exclusively B&W Shiro to Kiro:

III. This magical place from Design Love Fest:

 (PS: I love everything about this lady’s blog! Everything!)

04. Oh. My. Gosh. Lab Partners:

e // The Branding 10,000 Lakes Project by Nicole Meyer! Branding a lake a day with some groovy design. So, neat! Too neat!

Take care, be well —

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