Today is a very special day.

Today my sister became a mother, my brother-in-law became a dad, my parents became grandparents, my brothers became uncles, and my sister and I became AUNTS!

Today, after many days (or two extra weeks) and much anticipation, we welcomed a handsome little man into our lives!

Please meet and welcome to the earth Scout Minot Ferrara, my nephew!

I am learning little things about Scout every hour. He was over 8 pounds and 21 inches. He has brown eyes. And he has a full head of dark hair!

Kacy and Matt, I am so thrilled for you and your new, cute little family! I am looking forward to years of getting to know Scout and watching him grow up!
My parents get to fly to Ohio tomorrow to see Mom, Dad and Scout, but photographs will have to do for me!
Wow! It’s been a special day. I am so thankful. How beautiful. How lovely. How wonderful.

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