wind, snap, wind, snap : baby disposables

BEFORE MOM & DAD headed to Ohio to visit Kacy, Matt and little Scout, I requested that they bring along a disposable camera to document their time at the hospital. 
There is something about photos from disposables that is so fun and true — not similar to a stark digital image. Enjoy.
Love to all —and word is that Scout it out of the hospital at long last! 

3 thoughts on “wind, snap, wind, snap : baby disposables

  1. splendid! so very splendid. i love them all! what an adorable happy family.

    also, i'd be remiss not to say that i love the awkward face kacy is giving in the photo of her and matt. 🙂

    love to all!!!!

  2. UGH. i get fatter in each photo! it's like 2 beady eyes in a blob of silly putty. i hate the internet.

    on the positive side… that is a cute baby!

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