quite the distance

When I see this picture — taken today — I feel as though I can look straight past 15 years and see myself at eight years old again. I can imagine what I’d be wearing and how greasy my hair was and how my voice sounded. I remember what I looked forward to then — recess and running around the neighborhood, building forts and reading Goosebumps books. I remember who I looked up to then: my family, my older sister, my second grade teacher, my next door neighbor. 
Yet it is so hard to believe that I am the same person. I was eating dinner at home last night and had this strange moment where I wondered, “How did I get to this moment?” Trying to backtrack through each year and decision that lead me to last night, eating my spaghetti at a house in Moorhead while typing a paper. I remembered at eight years old I never bought my own groceries, paid my bills or had a real agenda past school getting out at 2:45, now I have all these amendments and appendages to my life. I guess it was just a moment of awareness, a realization that while I feel stuck in these past few years, I’ve actually come quite the distance.
But isn’t this the common thread of each day? To look back at those days before it?

One thought on “quite the distance

  1. Your little piece of introspection gave me a swift kick in the ass to inspect myself. To examine. To do better, to try harder. Thanks. 🙂

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