What a Week

I’M JUST COMING DOWN FROM A WEEK OFF EVERYTHING: No school, no work, nothing. Having some time at my disposal, I decided to take a quick overnight getaway to Grand Forks to visit high school friends Kelli and MacKenzie. Both ladies are engaged and it was fun to hear about their future wedding arrangements, check out their bling, and just overall relax for 24 hours.
I also had family pass through town this weekend! Grandma, aunts, uncles, cousins — the gang was here! It was really what I needed after these past months of school, to see familiar people and have a good laugh.
* * * * *
I need to make it through *FOUR* more weeks and finally, after five and a half years, I am basically home free! (Unless anyone knows of an internship somewhere…anywhere?) Wow…
Take care & be well!

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