An Invisible Thread

I admittedly, and embarrassingly, don’t read very much. In the past five years during college, I probably put away no more than five books. Sad. For some reason reading has never been a priority, and usually my gnat-sized attention span doesn’t allow for it. But one thing about being here, as I mentioned in a previous post about An Object of Beauty, is there is plenty of opportunity to pick up a good book and feel really good about it. I have totally become excited about books again.

Having mastered the art of reading a thick book while holding onto a subway pole, I’ve decided that reading a paperback book is just too, well, predictable. Today I ventured into the world of e-books! I utilized my Nook app, scoured the e-store of Barnes & Noble, and picked out a delightful work of non-fiction that I’ve quickly become engulfed in.

I’ve been gravitating toward books that take place in New York City. My first read, An Object of Beauty, took place in the city and my new book is no different. An Invisible Thread is an incredible story of a successful businesswoman in Manhattan, and her chance run-in with an 11-year old boy begging for food on the streets. The book prefaces with a beautiful Chinese proverb:

An invisible thread connects those who are destined to meet, regardless of time, place, or circumstances. The thread may stretch or tangle, but it will never break.

That got me thinking right from the start, of all the people that have had invisible threads in my life, and maybe those whose lives I have entered as well.

I’m only one-quarter through the book, so I can’t say much more at this point (I should learn to save my book reviews until I’ve finished books, but I just get too excited)! I can tell you now, however, that I would recommend it!

(Not to mention, reading on the iPad is glorious. I am skeptical about taking it on the subway — I can already picture myself dropping it — but it sure makes books seem archaic.)


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