nyc etc.

Rain in NYC once again today. I saw this man out with his huge beach umbrella during a coffee run and couldn’t resist his character. It’s hard enough to walk on the busy streets with a small umbrella, so I’m curious how he made it around the city with his mammoth rain shield!
I have lots of fun things planned for blog posts (mostly regarding NYC and art schtuff) so you’ll have to stay tuned. I am feeling super inspired — the only problem is my schedule is so slam-packed that I hardly have the time! Patience! 
I am missing my D-SLR and tempted to have Mom send it — it’d be great to take to the streets. I want to start doing some street/style photography here, and I’m feeling the iPhone isn’t cutting it. One of the coolest things about some people on the street here is they have no idea how cool they look! 

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