City Soundbytes

I’ll admit, I really enjoy listening in on conversations in the city. People always have unusual things to say, and interesting ways of saying them. I love tuning in for a slight understanding of the New York demeanor.
As part of my ongoing initiative to document things that I overhear in NYC (yes, channeling off of Overheard in New York) I’m designing a small series of City Soundbytes that replay things I’ve heard throughout the day. These are a few I’ve heard over the past few weeks, but hopefully I can make it a regular thing (as there is much to hear in the city). 

2 thoughts on “City Soundbytes

  1. Miss Jenny C! It has been forever indeed and I saw someone with your hair (almost) and your stature (but not quite) and of course not as lovely. I said, self, hmm… I wonder if Jenny still has that same blog I used to follow on blogger? yes ma'm! delightful as always you! Happy to see you are spreading your wings and loving NYC! You are an inspiration. -Tessa Tito (ps..I have a tumblr with my writings- (I swear I didn't realize sex was in that until after I registered the domain, hehe). Anyhow well wishes and hugs from the midwest

  2. Tess! I'm so glad we've connected once again!
    Your tumblr is incredible — I wish I could leave comments on it. You write so beautifully, it makes me want to write poetry more often. Keep sharing and I will read! Miss you, lady!


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