super saturday : the botanic garden edition

I love me a good Saturday. Sleeping in (until 8:30), some greasy eggs over-easy, and a completely directionless afternoon are exactly what I yearn for. Yesterday I was excited to wake up, and even though I didn’t have plans, I knew my feet would take me somewhere special.
I started walking in the same direction that I always do, and I’m glad I did. Fate brought two confused Asian tourists my direction looking for the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, and when I realized we were all just a stone’s throw away from it, I decided to check it out for myself.
Wow. Wow wow wow wow. I never thought that a city could squeeze in such a natural attraction, but it was the most incredible escape from the concrete and skyscrapers that surround me on a daily basis. The garden was sprawling — it took me a good hour to make a round through, and I didn’t even venture onto a fraction of the offshoot paths. Each direction led to beautiful surprises —herb gardens, ponds, fountains, blossoming trees and conservatories. Seeing thick patches of grass brought a smile to my face. 
It was a peaceful walk, and a very reflective experience. It made me wish I could walk with all the people I love, like so many around me. It made me think of my mom, grandmother, and aunts, all who would have enjoyed the great gardens and scenery. And it reminded me that I am in this place for a reason — for whatever reason, I have yet to learn, but it exists.
Some days are easier than others. Those ‘others’ are the days I wonder what on earth I’m doing, and sometimes the only answer is I’m being young and growing up. 

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