Two things that I’ve found great pleasure in New York are first, the things that New Yorkers say and second, how they dress themselves. If it weren’t so unproductive, I could sit at a window for an entire day and never become bored with the fashion of passerby. 
A favorite thing about the New York dresser is how practicality meets sophistication, effortlessly. In their bustle, women still wear heels, cropped blazers, and use functional handbags  — a busy lifestyle that even myself might at times surrender to comfort over fashion. Thinking of a daily walk to the train in heels is daunting, let alone standing all day in them. Embraced is the phrase, “Beauty is pain,” and even if New York women are pained by their fashion, they certainly don’t show it.
The city is a dirty, hurried place, which is why I find all the more fascination in women’s wear. This city is too big to blend in, so the streets are filled with all cuts and colors of fabrics, patterns and fluidity of movement. Here are a few styles I’ve noticed around the streets as Spring shines on the city:
01 / Maxi skirts, like this Skirt Volare by Mango
03 / Cool shades like these Hope Sunglasses from
04 / Bright scarves like Modcloth’s Back in a Splash print
05 / Neon! Like Rag & Bone’s Neon Yellow Legging
06 / Leather jackets, Longline Leather Biker from Top Shop
07 / Chunky sandals, like Madewell’s High Road Sandal

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