Happy weekend, everyone! I’ve been having a good time showing my apartment to prospective roommates, as we are currently in the market for one. I’ve met some amazing women, several of them in the same situation I was when I moved here. I wish I could help all of them!

Seeing people looking for a place to live has really made me understand how lucky I am to be here. I had 60 people respond to the ad I posted for the room, and managed to dwindle it down to seven ladies. Many of the women I met today have been exhausted from looking at dirty, sketchy, unsatisfying apartments. I was so fortunate to walk into my living situation — sight unseen — and have things turn out completely wonderful. It was all the outcome of trust. The woman that let me have her room trusted me, despite not meeting me. In turn I trusted that she would provide me with a safe, healthy environment, despite never seeing the apartment. I didn’t have to see a single dodgy apartment. I didn’t have to schlep around town. I simply trusted, and she simply sensed that I urgently needed a place to live because she, too, had been in my situation. I count my blessings every day.

I have been helped so much in my journey during the past three and a half months. I cannot wait to pay it forward, to give someone the feeling that I’m experiencing.


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