WTHIB: the where-the-heck-i’ve-been edition

I went to Long Island City, incredible waterfront views of Manhattan abound…

[click to view larger]

My fantastic fellow North Dakotan friend Mitch came to visit from LA, and we enjoyed delicious crêpes at
the delightful Café Henri in Long Island City

I went to DUMBO — Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass
Mitch & Chi in DUMBO
Chi’s the best
Adam came to visit — always a welcomed visitor
I saw the hilarious David Sedaris perform a reading at BAM in Brooklyn
I went to the Project Runway-famed Mood Fabrics in the Garment district, where I was super inspired by all of the
patterns, textures, colors and kinds of fabric.
Finally — I WENT BLONDE.

• • • • •

Time for a much-needed weekend!

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