heat wave

I speak for the other 7.99 million folks of New York when I say we’ve been experiencing the most miserably crazy heat over the past two days. So hot that you apply twice the deodorant and stick to your subway seat like a noodle. 

Heat doesn’t keep me from exploring. I’ve been wandering the east side a bit over the past few weeks, and today it was time for the wild, wild west side — and after three hours of strolling, I can say quite confidently that the WS has become my new favorite (for now).
New York really wears me down, but experiences like today make everything seem really fantastic.

View from High Line Park
Shadows — High Line Park, NYC
Looking Out — High Line Park, NYC
Looking Up — Below High Line Park, Gansevoort & Washington,  NYC
Style — Hudson & Spring Street, NYC
Hudson Street
Greenwich Village — Bethune & Greenwich, NYC
Cobblestone Street — Gansevoort Street, NYC
Working the West Side — 9th Avenue, NYC
Finally, I MET TIM GUNN on Tuesday as he walked into Parson’s on 7th Avenue. I told him how much I adored him, and he shook my hand and asked my name. It completely made my MONTH! (I am still saying aloud to no one in particular, “I CAN’T BELIEVE I MET TIM GUNN.”)

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