I have a folder on my computer titled “Miscellany” to catch the uncategorized moments in my life. Every now and again I’ll go through it looking for something — it’s like a deep closet, one that you toss your body into and are overtaken by its contents, muttering all the while, “I know it’s in here SOMEWHERE. I JUST SAW IT LAST WEEK.” I generally emerge from the Miscellany folder victorious, and I always come out happy.

Please enjoy some of the secret contents of my Miscellany folder, images that bring many fond thoughts to warm my soul.

Hiking Mt. Chocorua, such a beautiful experience — New Hampshire — Summer 2009
C & I in the photobooth at RayKo — San Francisco — Summer 2010
The first snow, always a memorable day — Moorhead, MN — Winter 2010

I love getting Starbucks with my Mom and sister — always wonderful.
Walking to school — I never appreciated this photo until now — Moorhead — Winter 2010.
Olive as a puppy, when Heidi was bringing her to her new home in Minot — Christmas 2010
Doing a hack job on an old art project — Moorhead, MN
Disney World with friends — Orlando, FL — Spring 2005
Walking for Hope with family at the ALS walk — Oak Park, Minot, ND — Spring 2011
The beautiful Holly visiting — Moorhead, MN — Spring 2008 

With Mr. Otis — Minot, ND — Summer 2009
C at Lake Nokomis — Minneapolis, MN — Fall 2010
Reveling in the city of Salzburg — Salzburg, Austria — Spring 2009
In the Irish countryside — Antrim Coast, Ireland — Spring 2009
A moment I never imagined would come true — Paris, France — Spring 2009
Celebrating a roommate’s 21st birthday — Moorhead, MN — Winter 2009
On the Scheel’s ferris wheel with Holly — Fargo, ND — Winter 2009
On the Jersey coast  at sunrise with Holly — Atlantic City, NJ — Spring 2007

Halloween with roommates — Moorhead, MN — Fall 2008
Weary travelers taking a quick cat nap (with Holly) — Rockford, IL — Spring 2007
With my fellow RA’s on a retreat — Moorhead, MN — Winter 2008
My old house where I lived with my sister Heidi and friend Jackie — Fargo, ND — Winter 2010
With my friend Benjamin — Minot, ND — Summer 2009
Being silly on Halloween with Holly — Moorhead, MN — Fall 2007
Lounging in Alamo Park with C — San Francisco — Summer 2010
A long, long time ago, at a family gathering. I’m sitting with my older sister, Kacy — Minot, ND
Love Holly so much — Moorhead, MN — 2008
With Holly for hot chocolate at Perkin’s — Moorhead, MN
With my sister Heidi during the State Wrestling Tournament — Fargo, ND — Winter 2007

Our old pup, Willow, out in the snow — Minot, ND
With Otis & Suzie dog at the studio — Minot, ND — Spring 2009


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