swim good

This is Sarah — I went to college with Sarah, back when we were all a little younger, but her voice just as stunning. I first heard this Frank Ocean cover a few days ago, and when I listened to the real Frank Ocean today, Sarah was still on my mind. She has a real talent for music, and she writes, sings, plays and accompanies with a sweet smoothness. Her original work is chillingly beautiful, and her covers of Rihanna, Kanye, and Taio Cruz are spot on lovely.

I haven’t seen or spoken with Sarah since she left Moorhead many years back, but I have a few thoughts from the time I spent around her. Sarah is completely devoted to music, and in days when venues were in basements of startup independent coffee shops, in the backs of bowling alleys, or in lounges of dormitories, she was there with her keyboard and her voice. She could charm an audience of one or twenty or fifty to a hundred, it didn’t matter, it was apparent that she just loved performing; and she did it so gently, so calmly, so warmly.

Come February I will see Sarah in Brooklyn when the band she’s touring with, WHY? comes to Williamsburg Music Hall. You can catch more of Sarah on her website, where you can download her sweet grooves, or her tumblr, where you hear more of her recordings (and see how much fun she’s having touring Europe).

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