shine on

This past week I got news. It was news of the bad sort; a call in the middle of the afternoon from a college friend that never called, a voicemail that seemed urgent and unusual. At work and unable to talk on the phone, I emailed back, “Everything okay?” though I somehow already knew it wasn’t.
I soon learned the worst. An old college friend had passed away abruptly in a bizarre accident. He was 23, full of life, talent and love for the world. Nick Wieme was his name. From his hometown of Pipestone, Minnesota, Nick moved to Moorhead to attend MSUM in Fall 2007. I met him during my rounds as a resident assistant and could never forget him, his voice, his laugh, his jokes, his films. 
Nick was a treasure. He was a comedian to the core and every moment in his presence was entertainment. He once invited me to a party to play Settlers of Catan, which quickly showcased his competitive nature in the most hilarious way. His ability to bring out the best in others was extraordinary, and his immense following of friends a testament to his ingenuity and admiration.
I cannot express how much Nick will be missed by those lucky enough to know him, but I can say it is a great sorrow. His 23 years undoubtedly brought tremendous happiness to those he met, and many, many, many laughs. He accomplished so much in so little time, and I imagine he is still making people laugh in a higher place.
There has never been a better time for me to say, life is unexpected, and can be unexpectedly short — and to those you see every day or hardly at all, keep sight of those you love and care.
For Nick Wieme, shine on —

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