…to begin something tremendous or small, but to begin, to react to insult with kindness, to counter bad

days with good things, deep, deep breaths, to remember how many people love you as just you,

confronting inspiration, complimenting, giving, finding a time to do what has been on your mind,

making room—for whatever—cooking, contacting parents, lost friends, old and burned bridges,

to learn more and more, write, write, write, poetry, photos, love, kissing, travel, and all those pretty
things, not make pretty a concern, being mindful of mentors, deep belly laughs, finding the oasis and
other happy places, breathe deep, get more sleep, run, run, run, run, run, run, run and keep going, 
because you always have, you are a performer, the trying lover, a former friend, a future—a future, 
and being young like this is the greatest, hardest, most intimate, intense dream you can imagine…

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