a few words on getting older.

I’ve always viewed birthdays as a daylong vacation, a carpe-diem-get-what-you-want day of sorts that allows you to act like an adult with the mind of a child.

My birthdays usually involve waking up early (for maximum birthday enjoyment), eating at places that I’ve always wanted to eat (for all three meals), spending a balance of the day alone to reflect and celebrating with people I love. I always take the day off of work no matter what day of the week it lands, and I never tell people why.

Since moving to New York four years ago (which I still—still—can’t believe) I feel like I’ve reinvented my birthday. I’ve been able to celebrate with people and in places I never dreamed—simple things, even, and they all seem so special. I’ve visited the top of the Empire State building and been massaged at one of the city’s greatest spas. I’ve spent the day running around the city, eating lunches alone at diners and drinking coffees, beers and desserts to my heart’s content. From Crown Heights to Soho, and sometimes outside the city—San Francisco, and this year, New Orleans—I’ve seized every hour. And with every year I’ve realized that birthdays are always the greatest reminder of who I am and who I’ve got.

Twenty-eight years ago I hit the jackpot, dropping in on my then twenty-nine year old parents. Twenty-eight. It’s an age I never thought I’d be, and now an age I can’t believe I am. These years have been filled with growing friendships and discovering what I love/hate on every level. It’s watching my body and mind change and rethinking some thoughts, trying again the things I’d thought weren’t for me. It’s shedding. It’s pain, stress, try, try again. It’s the continuation of that lifelong journey of independence; securing, building, being confident. And equally amazing, each year I’m learning the intricacies of living: exploring wonder creams, wearing Turkish bathrobes, enjoying coffee after dinner. I’ve started collecting plants and drinking wine, going to bed a little earlier and slowly, being okay with it.

And I am so thankful to have many people at my sides and having my back. Thank you to my parents, my family, my boyfriend, friends, acquaintances, too—
for each card, gift, message, photo, thought, from California to New York.

Since day one, life has only gotten wilder and sweeter.


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