For Otis

You are Doppler, the neighborhood watch, iOtis, Houdini. You are a napper’s delight, a dusk drive outside city limits, a song and dance. You’re a historian and a storyteller and always down to come to the damn rescue. Hell, you are analog. Your credit card spirit animal is Amex Platinum, your literal spirit animal is a wiener dog (in a sun spot), your actual spirit is golden. You’re a Croc-star! And at the end of the day, when others rest, rest assured you are baking bread after midnight, or writing your manifesto, or fighting cyber crime, or lurking in a grocery store. 

Thank you for sharing your crazy, your music, your when-I-was-your-age antics, for teaching me how to use a camera and navigate seedy bars. Thank you for enlightening me about light bulbs and the hidden joy in lyrics and the shit life will throw at me. I am grateful forever and ever. 

Happy day to one of the best, most fascinating humans. Muchlove, brah. — with Matthew Bieri.

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