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…when she didn’t win the nomination eight years ago, she didn’t get angry, or disillusioned. Hillary did not pack up and go home. Because as a true public servant, Hillary knows that this is so much bigger than her own desires and disappointments.

“…There were plenty of moments where Hillary could have decided that this work was too hard, that the price of public service was too high, that she was tired of being picked apart for how she looks, or how she talks, or even how she laughs. But here’s the thing: what I admire most about Hillary is that she never buckles under pressure. She never takes the easy way out. And Hillary Clinton has never quit on anything in her life. And when I think about the kind of president that I want for my girls, and all our children, that’s what I want. I want someone with the proven strength to persevere; someone who knows this job and takes it seriously. Someone who understands that the issues a president faces are not black and white, and cannot be boiled down to 140 characters.”

First Lady Michelle Obama

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