stone age people in modern love

For the first time,
you should probably read all this stuff.
You may have tried,
but a surprise appearance
is another matter.
The mission to be together
Has become a race against time:
clocks going off, rules abound
This singular shortcut
during the great depression
is a quirk of human nature.
Some are birds, others are frogs
The leopard cub with the lioness mom
But skills learned in combat
do not always translate to practical advice.
It’s not just a healthy dose of God’s soul,
The painful cost
of the complete end of the world
We imagine stone age people
in modern love
And survival tips for dying of “despair”
A dreamer finds their sense of belonging
For the first time
I hope that one day
we can be together.

—Written entirely of NYT headlines and text messages received from friends

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