There are a lot of things happening in the world now, and I think it’s time to take stock of where I am with things, and what I have.

This hasn’t been easy—I think acknowledging that is the first step. So many moments I believe that this is easy, but it hasn’t yet begun. Half the battle is ignoring the anxious energy that consumes the air, the sidewalks, every aisle in the grocery store.

I am seeking the silver lining. One of the few solaces is knowing that we are all going through this together. I have connected and reconnected with my favorite people in life, who have filled the void of the laughter and smiles of my day-to-day work in the office. If I hadn’t realized before, the company I keep is a dream; the many friendships built over years, I am so grateful for each person, now more than ever. It is a joy to swap the mundane, the what-are-you-watching, I-miss-you’s.

As I do loads of laundry in my bathtub, I am thankful that I have a bathtub do laundry in. Even as my hands smell of bleach from Clorox’ing (now a verb) the living daylight out of my phone, wallet and keys, I recognize that at this time, I am lucky to be able to care for myself.

There are many times where I feel raw, that tears could well up and tumble. But as many have reminded, things get better. Each time I go outside for a walk, I am awestruck by the flowers on the trees that line and arc over the sidewalks. The vines that crawl up brownstones and over fences that are slowly coming alive in the spring air, safe from harm. How cruel that all this should happen—being sequestered indoors—as everything blooms. Though a silver lining, I appreciate it that much more.

Keep on being well.


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