Day 43 —


I am eating plums
with beer.
Tonight, no stars just
a void that resembles
a freshly erased chalkboard
Darker, quieter than most.

There’s a puzzle scattered
on the kitchen table. It’s image
is cookies and yesterday
I spilled sugar on it.

Sometimes there are spiders
on my head, sometimes
down my shirt. It’s forever
a surprise.

I rate the bugs:
Spiders — 8, useful and skilled
Moths — 7, harmless
House flies — 2, useless, constant annoyance
Horse flies — 1, useless, annoying, painful
Mosquitos — 0, the worst of all
Ants — 4, not too bad
Beetles — 5, stick to themselves, usually discrete
Ticks — 0, up to no good

It’s hummingbird season.
The stars came.

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