city soundbytes: the jamaican preacher edition

T O   P R E F A C E   T H I S   S E R I E S:  
I was about three stops away from my destination when a middle-aged Jamaican woman clutching a bible stepped on the train. The doors closed and she settled in the middle of the car, standing directly in front of me. As we began rolling, she cleared her throat and announced, “GOOD EVE-NING LATIES AND GEN-TIL-MEN,” then began in on what was the most profound act of preaching I’ve ever encountered. She rose to a crescendo and didn’t skip a beat, roaring on even as I stepped off the train. These soundbytes are a collection of phrases from her address — enjoy!

City Soundbytes

I’ll admit, I really enjoy listening in on conversations in the city. People always have unusual things to say, and interesting ways of saying them. I love tuning in for a slight understanding of the New York demeanor.
As part of my ongoing initiative to document things that I overhear in NYC (yes, channeling off of Overheard in New York) I’m designing a small series of City Soundbytes that replay things I’ve heard throughout the day. These are a few I’ve heard over the past few weeks, but hopefully I can make it a regular thing (as there is much to hear in the city).