of the 25th

I spent the first half of yesterday traveling back from San Francisco — an overnight flight to Chicago, breakfast at the airport, then off to Newark and the journey home to Brooklyn. I walked into my apartment around 3pm, exhausted from lack of sleep. The day seemed like a complete wash, but my roommates really turned things around. The entire apartment was decorated in Joseph Gordon-Levitt, stacks of Oreos and peanut butter, beer, and words of humor and happiness.

Thank you to everyone — from San Francisco to New York — that made my 25th a year to remember. It’s been an awakening number to come to, but I believe it’s going to be a great one.


oreos. stat.

It just occurred to me that I haven’t had an Oreo in two days.

So what. So what?! How did I go so long without realizing that I hadn’t indulged in one of my favorite things? How have I slept at night? How did my chocolately friends not crawl out of their box in the cupboard and drag themselves to me at 2 am as I pathetically watched Gary Busey scatter pepperonis throughout the streets of New York City before Donald Trump decided to kick David Cassidy off of Celeb Apprentice? Where was my mind?

Maybe I haven’t needed them, because I feel calm and collected. The Oreo remedy, practiced by the stressed and the hungry, the bored, the young and old, cookie crumb collectors and connoisseurs alike — eaten and enjoyed, no one dislikes an Oreo. They’re God’s gift to every kind, their greatness paralleled only by Oprah, the Slap-Chop, and toilet paper…and perhaps, Gary Busey, tossing pepperonis along sidewalks and crosswalks in proclamation, “I’m the pepperoni prophet!”

So now I’m sitting here with a sleeve of Oreos, a jar of peanut butter and a gallon of milk. I have some catching up to do.

I must be doing something wrong. I lost a follower! What should I do? Start having giveaways with my stuff? Post videos of me juggling and eating Oreo cookies? Cut my hair into a pink mohawk? Post my credit card number? I’m at a loss.
Oh well. I’m a busy gal and that’s the bottom line. Here’s the good news of the day:
• Had a review for the BA exhibition that I’ll be a part of (PSSSST…it opens March 7!) My stuff was approved (even though it’s not done) (my professors are placing their trust in my hands) and I am excited to show. I’m working on some signage for Rubbish & Bosh (see these posters, which will be in the show). It’s a large hanging sign and I’m excited about where it’s going. I’m starting to find a niche with 3D sign making and it’s something I’d like to continue.
• Received a lovely gift in the mail from a beautiful Oklahomian named Kat Hodges — an autographed David Sedaris book! Wowowowow! THANK YOU KAT and JAVEN.
• Took a 3 hour nap in front of the heater…on my bedroom floor. Passssssed out! So delicious.
• Now roaming through my computer’s Font Book. I have 346 fonts.
Let’s see if I can accomplish anything tonight?
I’ll leave you with this man:
via Sartorialist. Think of the curls our children would have…