of the 25th

I spent the first half of yesterday traveling back from San Francisco — an overnight flight to Chicago, breakfast at the airport, then off to Newark and the journey home to Brooklyn. I walked into my apartment around 3pm, exhausted from lack of sleep. The day seemed like a complete wash, but my roommates really turned things around. The entire apartment was decorated in Joseph Gordon-Levitt, stacks of Oreos and peanut butter, beer, and words of humor and happiness.

Thank you to everyone — from San Francisco to New York — that made my 25th a year to remember. It’s been an awakening number to come to, but I believe it’s going to be a great one.


One thought on “of the 25th

  1. Fantastic! Every year for my birthday my best friend frames a picture of my latest celeb crush. So far I think I've received Christian Bale, Ryan Reynolds, David Boreanis, Bowie, and Channing Tatum. After the first year she had to resort to picking the hottie from whatever TV or musical kick I've been on in the recent past. I love it when house guests get a weird look on their faces and ask, “Why do you have a framed photo of David Boreanis from 'Bones'?” Happy birthday, lovely girl!

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