weekend wrap-up: ______ is in the air!


 W E E K E N D  H I G H L I G H T S :

( 1 ) An evening out with my roommates to a fun neighborhood place, The Crown Inn, to enjoy a few drinks and relax.
( II ) An unexpected visit from Midwest friends on Saturday evening (always welcomed)!
( c ) The most gorgeous weather I’ve seen since my arrival, which naturally led to a Sunday stroll in my new favorite Prospect Park, and which I’ve now decided is going to be a tradition. Prospect Park is incredible. There are runners, bikers, walkers, dog walkers, speed walkers, picnic-ers, strollers, people-watchers, book readers, sun baskers, frisbee throwers, horse riders, fishers, sporting events, a gigantic lake (with SWANS), even a zoo! I am in a little slice of heaven when I’m there.
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W E E K E N D  W E I R D N E S S :
• Finding a U.S. passport on the street
• Getting locked out of my apartment
• A Jamaican woman preaching at the top of her lungs on the train
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

I must say, the only thought on my mind today is it feels so good to be alive!


simple sentimentality

Today I was thinking of things that I’ve held on to for a some time. I looked down at the pair of socks I was wearing, and there was a gaping hole in the big toe of my left foot. I thought, “I must have had these socks for two years now,” but had no real reason why I’ve hung on to them. They certainly aren’t attractive, or comfortable, or practical. They’re just ordinary.
The longer I thought about the things I keep, the more I realized I can’t define my interest in most of objects I’ve held on to. Some things carry a simple sentimentality — a receipt commemorating the first ATM withdrawal I made in New York at the bodega up the street from my apartment. Other things, like a t-shirt I’ve been wearing since 2006 that is stained to high heaven, has seemingly zero relevance. It exists in my closet as a piece of clothing I’ve carried with me from North Dakota to Minnesota, to California back to Minnesota, from Minnesota to New York. When I look at it, it doesn’t conjure a single memory of an occasion or person. It’s just ordinary.
I have been writing in the same journal since 2009. There are only a few blank pages left to scrawl on, and within the next month or so, it will be another volume in my collection. The significance of this journal, much like my others, isn’t as much what I’ve written over the past two years; it’s what I’ve collected. A pocket in the very back holds little pieces of my life:
• A note a woman wrote me in Vancouver, B.C. with directions how to get to the train
• An e-mail forward from my mom with life advice
• A receipt from the original Starbucks in Seattle
• A ticket stub for Toy Story 3 at the Marina Theatre in San Francisco 
• A Macy’s receipt from a lonely Saturday night, when I had particularly excellent customer service
• The obituary of a friend’s father
• Small notes from former boyfriends
• A museum ticket for the SF MoMA
• The newspaper clipping of the classified for our dog
• A transfer/fare receipt from the Van Ness Muni in San Francisco
• A receipt from a chocolate shop in Seattle
• Parking stubs from Vancouver, B.C.
• A $3 lottery ticket
• Two photographs of me and my sisters
• An autographed album cover from a Fargo, ND musician
• A note I wrote to myself, to look at 10 or twenty years from now, to remember what my life was like
• Four photobooth strips with an old boyfriend
Maybe I hung on to my old holey socks not for their looks, but for their story. They’ve been with me through years, states, and long days. This too goes for all the things tucked in the back of my journal; there is a beauty in the minute relics, and that is how they have the power to proliferate into an entire memory. Each thing I’ve held on to can bring to mind a complete afternoon, evening, day, adventure or misstep. I can remember what the weather was like on a particular day, or what I did before or after. I might remember how I was feeling, or how the person I was with was feeling, or how we felt together.
The answer, then, to why I’ve kept these things is twofold: They are comfort, and they are worth more words than I could write. 
Also, you never know when you’ll need it again. What have you kept?

Weekend Wrap-up: The Birthday Edition

What can I say? It had to have been one of the most incredible weekends in the city so far. I was showered with love and happiness in celebrating my 24th anniversary of life on Friday, 10 Feb. The weekend festivities were accompanied by a special visit from a North Dakotan and included:

• Great views of the city

• A birthday morning at Ohm Spa on 5th Avenue, where I was treated to a relaxing hour-long massage, manicure and pedicure!

• A ride up to the top of the Empire State Building to see the Big Apple from a bird’s eye view! So cool.

• Strolls through Central Park and Times Square

• Treats, treats, and more treats!

• An afternoon at the American Museum of Natural History, where the likes of dinosaurs, and every other creature that has walked, crawled, swam, slithered and wiggled across the United States over the past millions of years can be found (not living, unfortunately)!

• Lots of walking without a destination, just to see what’s stumbled upon (my favorite kind of walks)

• Birthday dinner at a lovely Upper East Side Italian restaurant, an all-around classy experience
• Comedy at the Comedy Cellar, where much laughter ensued! Followed by a night out in Greenwich Village
* * * * *
It was a complete unforgettable day — and weekend. I am so happy to have experienced my first birthday in NYC, and also very thankful for all of the kind thoughts, cards and messages I received, and for all the people that made me feel like a trillion bucks as I transitioned to 24! You all rock.
Coming down from the exciting weekend won’t be easy, but things are gradually falling into their happy place here, and I have lots to look forward to…

Weekend Wrap-up

My mom asked me today if I was lonely. I didn’t think about it very long before I responded, “No.” 
There is too much to discover here to be bored or lonely. Not to say that I don’t miss the people and familiarity I left behind — I do. I have just been so absorbed by this new place and to feel alone. The city has kept me company!
It was an extremely lazy weekend. I got tons of sleep and poked around the neighborhood. Hopefully next weekend is more eventful as I get a jump-start at finding events to attend…
Bleecker…always reminds me of Simon and Garfunkel.

Walk home from the subway station.

Park Slope drugs.

Fashion statement in Park Slope

Pizza & PDA at Roma Pizzeria.